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Constructing Experience,
A vessel to interpret
Tradition Bound
Craft to feel, see, experience.
Location Driven
Destination Seeking
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Adirondack craft
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Atkinson Adirondack Craft is physical evidence of location's impact on the individual; exploring the craft created by individuals through necessity, observation, and time.

Focusing largely on the Adirondack Guideboat and branching outwards, Atkinson ADK Craft is dedicated to bringing light to time-honed construction methods.

Our efforts aim to breathe new life and interest into the creation of enduring objects, while considering the knowledge and insights passed down through generations of previous makers.

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Skin on frame canoe
Photo of Nathaniel Atkinson in boatshop


Atkinson Adirondack Craft is owned and operated by Nathaniel Atkinson; avid sculptor, outdoor educator, and Adirondack historian.

Currently in the early stages of his work, Nathaniel uses his experiences in fine arts and his time in the Adirondacks to shape and guide his work here at Atkinson ADK Craft.


Recent Insights

Old Town Peapod Restoration
Oct 25, 2022

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