Wood Canvas Canoe Restoration

Caring for the past & Future

Small Repairs to Complete Restorations

Canvas Canoes represent the pinnacle of the paddling experience.

They are just as beautiful as they are smooth and graceful in the water thanks to the soft feeling of the canvas cutting the water. With a bit of attention and detail, they can last forever.

Built to Repair

If there was ever a craft made to be repaired, it was the wood and canvas canoe. Their tight canvas covering creates a smooth watertight surface that can easily be stripped and reapplied after decades of use. If stored properly the interior wood will last even longer then the canvas skin, but not to worry if yours has worn out or even broken a rib or plank. Once the canvas is removed the interior wood structure can be stripped of its broken parts and new planks or ribs can be shaped to fit, installed, and varnished for another half century or more of use.

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