The Adirondack Guideboat

A traditionally built Adirondack Guideboat can easily last a lifetime. Add in proper care and a bit of restoration and it will last multiple lifetimes.

At Atkinson Adirondack Craft this type of long-term use and fulfilment is a defining aspect of why we are passionate about traditional wood construction and the guideboat itself. To us, the finest watercraft is one that can be restored to its original standard of integrity and beauty, endures generations of use, and is made from sustainable and vibrant materials. Add in a rich history and landscape-informed utility and you can easily see why the guideboat is our craft of choice.

1901 Seeber Guideboat restored

" Traditional Boatbuilding is simply the construction of wooden boats using time-tested techniques, and, often, using tools identical to those employed in an earlier era"

-Walter J. Simmons, Lapstreak Boatbuilding

A Custom Guideboat undergoing planking
Built for you

New Guideboat

Crafting custom Adirondack Guideboats in traditional and contemporary fashion.

The Adirondack Guideboat displays the utmost refinement of skill, experience, and necessity into one singular wooden craft. We carry on these attributes in all newly constructed models by placing a balance of function and form above all else. Our new construction Guideboats are built in two styles: traditional and contemporary.

Traditional Guideboats:

Using only the best materials and the most thorough construction methods, traditional guideboats are planked in 8 strakes of feather lapped-white pine. These are laid over sawn red spruce knees harvested right here in the Adirondacks and dried for a minimum of three years. A quartersawn pine bottom board provides a secure footing and cherry or maple trims the decks, seats, oars, and wales.

Contemporary Guideboats:

These guideboats are akin to their traditional counterparts in frame and trim, but utilize a skin-on-frame technique in place of wood planking. The ribs and stems are also constructed of laminated spruce in place of natural sawn knees. These changes allow for a much faster construction while keeping the form, performance, and beauty of the guideboat intact. This innovation allows more individuals the unique experience of a guideboat while maintaining a more accessible cost.

Caring for the past & Future

Repair & Resoration

The beauty of the wooden boat is its aptitude for repair, it's ability to endure and provide decades of use and experiences.

No matter what state a wooden craft is in, whether the paint has started to peel or all that is left is a few good planks and ribs, it can be rebuilt. It can be cared for piece by piece and still retain the integrity and character that it had the day it first left the builder's mold.

Wood Canoe and Guideboat Restorations are our Priority

Beautiful boats deserve to be used, filled with memories that shape both the users and the craft themselves. This is why restorations are our top priority at Atkinson ADK Craft. We are genuinely excited to help repair and breathe new life into any well-aged boat; and just as every boat is different, our restorations are specific each boat's needs.

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